We just want to do
really good work.

We’re not driven by sales goals or delivering cheap services. We love to make you happy about the work we deliver. We want you to be proud about the things we add to your business. That’s the drive that keeps us up at night, making really good work.

Emil von Schwartzenberg

Founder of EVS Media

“This might sound like a sales pitch, but it’s really our deepest motivation. When you think about what drives organizations you see financial goals or personal fulfillments. But for us it’s the excitement in you about good work. That is our goal.”

- Emil von Schwartzenberg

How we plan to make you excited

There’s multiple ways in which we strive to make your experience working with us a special one.

Best Work

We are always looking for the best people in business to deliver work that truly changes your business for the long run.


We have protocols and systems for our operations so everything runs smooth and so we’re prepared for fast problem solving.


We work on delivering work incredibly fast to meet your deadlines, targets and schedules.


We measure our clients happiness and satisfaction level to get better over time and improve during a project.

“An agency really consist of the talent and the collaboration of those people. How can you acquire better people and foster better collaboration to deliver better work? That’s what’s always on my mind.”

- Emil von Schwartzenberg

Why we believe
in Social Media!

The exciting thing about Social is that it gives so many opportunities to get closer to the customer in many areas - the best thing is everything is measurable. 

We believe that implementing Social Media into your business to retain and source customer is the right way to future proof your business. 

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