We believe in your ability to change.

In strategy work we can truly fulfill our need to create the most excitement our clients because we’re not only onboard for one project. We go together on a mission to actually change parts of your business and that’s where we can truly shine.

Because we understand the true value of Social we believe in helping clients embed Social into their business. Not only do clients use social media, they reform their business to work in total conjunction with it.

Does your business have a Social Media Strategy?

It’s one thing to test a tactic but in deploying a coherent strategy that’s tailored to meet your business goals you are making Social a part of your business and that’s when you will experience true success with Social Media. 

Contatc Us

What does good strategy look like?

Good Strategy is not about setting goals. It’s to help you understand why you are not achieving those goals yet - to identify the obstacles. Strategy needs to involve action. After we gained an understanding of how we are going to overcome the obstacles, we create a set of actions. This is how you achieve goals and ultimately create change.

In our first meeting we are going to analyze your situation. This is crucial to your successful strategy. By asking you the right questions we gather intelligence that will be used in the further investigation that we will go through to find solutions.

Diagnose and Solve

After our touch-of meeting we will come back to you with thorough solutions - the beginning of our strategy. We will help you understand the situation of the challenges and clarify the essence of your future strategy. We’ll discuss further actions and implementations.


We help you understand the strategy on each level. Specifically we focus on analyzing the implementation of discussed actions - where are problems arising, what are people not doing, what are we not aware yet? The further improvement of your strategy will ensure the best possible results. We are with you every step of the way.

Getting to

The most tangible thing to grasp of this strategy will be the Todo’s for each position included in the strategy. Wether most of the strategy will be implemented out of house or handled in-house this is where change happens. And because we know it’s hard to change we take extra attention on this step.

See how easy we will work together 

We understand that we are coming from the outside to work close together with your team on incredible diverse and complex problems. That’s why we made sure to take extra steps to make the collaboration as smooth as possible. 


We like to deliver services by adapting us to the daily activities and schedules of your team.


We do work incredibly fast. From our Onboarding Process to the deliverables, we work with great speed.


You will have maximum transparency into the project. Look into files, understand strategies and get project timelines.


You can choose from a level of involvement in the creative and decision making process. Be in the project or oversee only parts of it.

Ready to embed a Social Strategy?

Let’s construct a coherent Social Media Strategy you can bet on and overcome problems you’ve been facing.

Let’s do Strategy